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About Us

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Fashion & Craftsmanship

HAMETHOP is a South African contemporary ready-to-wear and accessories brand, founded by Tsakani Mashaba who aims to explore the diversity of African art, textiles, architecture and urban environments.

The stories of each capsule is told through design and craftsmanship, as each piece is handmade in a studio that celebrates traditional techniques,  perfected and taught across multiple generations. From woven handles to hand-rendered prints, Hamethop presents itself as a harmonised, multifaceted brand that has an identifiable voice and aesthetic.

We’ve also done our best to develop the right skills while working with other talented people from the South Africa as the local economy and its people are very important to us.



This is another area of our focus.  We’ve always loved art and find ourselves drawn to old masters, contemporary art and sculptures. We’ve have started creating homeware sculptures and loving the process. Can't wait to share our ideas with you!